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Sliding Doors over time become worn and need to be maintained. They should be maintained every 10-20+ years during their life depending on use. WA Building Services are experienced with the common issues property owners have with Sliding Doors. If your Sliding Door is hard to open or close, the Handle no longer lines up or the Door is in general need of attention rest assured we can help.

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Sliding Door Repairs are a common task that WA Building Services undertake, Sliding Doors need to be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure proper and smooth operation.

Sliding doors, especially heavy Glass Sliding Doors should be maintained and serviced throughout their life. Over time Rollers, Guides, Tracks and other moving and wearing components need to be repaired or replaced. These components have a limited operational lifetime and doors are generally the most used part of a house. Here's an interesting fact - If you use your Glass Sliding Door just twice a day then that door could have travelled 15,000km over a period of 10 years.

How to maintain a Sliding Door?

To ensure the longevity of a Sliding Door you should:

  • Ensure the Track, Door and Frame are always clean and free from dirt, debris and animal fur.
  • Inspect the Doors every 6-12 months for any signs of wear and tear
  • Listen for any noises - scratching, clunking etc
  • Do not use any oil or oiled lubricant on the Rollers or the Frame as this can attract dirt

If you do notice any of the above, or your Door is getting harder and harder to open it is time for a service.



Rollers are attached to the underside of the door and run along the track to allow for ease of operation. The Rollers come in many different styles, sizes, and weight capacities depending on the age, brand, and style of the door. Rollers are designed to be a replaceable item and generally need replacing anywhere from 5-30 years of service depending on how often the Door is used, the proximity and exposure to salt air, and other elements throughout their lifetime. Worn Rollers are the main issue owners have with Sliding Doors. The Nylon, Plastic and Steel components become worn out over time. Like a car tyre, the surface of the roller deteriorates and the rolling diameter of the wheel becomes smaller. This deterioration eventually causes the roller surface to split or fall apart and could put the door out of adjustment and make the latches and locks foul. As this is something that happens over a long period of time it can be hard to notice the gradual decline in the operation of the door until the day it becomes stuck or starts grinding metal on metal. Another common problem with Rollers is the bearing getting dirty from sand, dust, hair, fur or other debris. This debris can jam into the bearing and cause it to fail. Once the bearing has failed and the rollers no longer roll, they will then be scraping along the track causing damage to the track itself. This scraping is very common and by the time this happens, the problem becomes apparent to everyone using the Sliding Door
Sliding Door Guides assist the door rollers by keeping the door perfectly aligned to the Track and Frame. Sliding Door Repairs include inspection and replacing of Door Guides. Door Guides are designed to be wearing components and help the door hug the Track for smooth operation. Once a guide is worn the rollers could then be taking on the extra load that these guides should be doing, causing damage to the Track and the Frame of the Door.
The Track is the rail under the Door. The Rollers roll on this track back and forth as the door is opened and closed. Damage to Sliding Door Tracks occur when the rollers stop operating and they start grinding along the face of the track. The common grinding noise heard, or difficulty felt while operating the Sliding Door can be causing direct damage to the aluminium track and can continue to wear down the Rollers and Track until the Door stops working altogether. Normally, if the Track is damaged by even a small amount, it is highly recommended that the track be repaired. We recommend this because placing new Rollers onto a worn Track will cause premature wear to the new Rollers
Dirt and debris is a reason Rollers end up damaged. Once dirt, hair, fur or other debris gets on the track and inside the Roller bearing, the Roller will start to wear very quickly. The best way to ensure a long life for your Sliding Door is to regularly clean the track from dirt and debris.
Door Frame damage can happen and is commonly originally caused by the problems listed above. The frame of the door can be damaged from using too much force than the door was originally intended for. This can cause damage to the Door itself with cracks or breaks from fatigue in the structural frame of the door. If this happens the aluminium framework of the door may need to be repaired or replaced.
Sometimes in large double door openings, the Lintel in the brickwork or roof of the door can sag over time and crush the Rollers down onto the Track and stop the door from being operational altogether. There are a few options available if this happens, from replacing the Lintel, resizing the Frame and Glass, or replacing the Door altogether. Generally, if Lintels do sag, it is usually within the first 4-8 years of the property being built.

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