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Sliding Doors:  The Importance of Maintenance and Repairs
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Is your sliding door hard to open? Or is your door stuck in the frame, and you can’t open your sliding door? This is a frequent problem that occurs with sliding doors. And this problem may occur for several reasons. So, if you face these kinds of issues, you should fix them as soon as possible.

However, to solve this kind of problem, you have to go through some difficult procedures which will be challenging for you. WA Building Services is one of the top-notch and trustable Sliding Door Repairs Perth. We provide affordable yet professional standard services in this area.

We specialize in assisting property owners in keeping up with necessary duties and maintaining their homes. To offer top-quality service, we have the necessary experience and a group of highly qualified, certified contractors. So, get in touch with us and get the best Sliding Door Repairs Perth.

Sliding Door Repairs Perth

Why is my sliding door hard to open?

Hard to open is one of the common sliding door problems. There are a lot of things that can cause your sliding door hard to open. Let’s explore some of the reasons behind this problem.

Ø  The bottom rollers of the door can be worn.

Ø  Sliding door trucks can be worn, damaged, pitted, or out of the array.

Ø  Dirt and debris particles can gather on the rollers.

Ø  Lacks lubricant in the hardware or is using the incorrect type of lubricant.

Ø  The header of the sliding door may be sagging.

The specialists at WA Building Services can repair these typical issues for less money than you might expect. Due to the wide variety of doors, wheels, tracks, as well as installs, each and every repair is a bit different and has its own unique set of issues. We can appoint insured professionals to swiftly restore the doors to nearly fresh condition.

How to fix a sliding glass door that won’t slide

If your sliding door is hard to open or you can’t open it, then you should fix it as soon as possible. Here I am going to discuss step-by-step procedures of how you can fix your sliding door that is hard to slide. Let’s take a look at how to fix a sliding glass door that won’t slide.

Sliding Door Repairs

Step-01: Remove the Glass Door

Find the screw covers on the bottom side of the door to remove the door. The coverings may need to be unscrewed or pried off. Before you proceed with the next few steps, ask someone to hold the door.

The rollers can be moved away from your door by using a screwdriver. Place the door at the opening’s center. A helper will progressively tilt the upper side of the glass door toward you as you stand inside. Remove the door carefully, then set it aside.

Step-02: Clean the Track

It will be much simpler to completely clean the tracks after the door has been taken off. To get rid of any loose particles in the track, apply a vacuum cleaner. The track can be cleaned with a hard brush and hot, soapy water. Apply the same technique to the top and also bottom edges.

Step-03: Lubricate several Parts

Now you have to lubricate several Parts of your door. You should lubricate the trucks as well as the wheel of the door. The use of grease or lubricant can draw in more filth which will help the door slide smoothly. You should lubricate all the areas properly.

Step-04: Reinstall the Door

Now you have to reinstall the door to the frame, and you will need someone’s help to get this job done. Utilize a screwdriver to reposition the rollers while the door has been put into the track. When the rollers are in contact with the track as well as the door is stable, adjust them. To spread the lubrication and verify your work, move the door back and also forth numerous times.

Types of sliding doors we repair

No matter what type of sliding door you have, we repair different types of sliding doors. In fact, we repair all brands of Sliding Doors and Windows.

Glass Sliding Doors

The glass sliding doors are intended to divide indoor rooms from patios. By converting what would normally be a wall into such a huge window, the idea is to seamlessly connect the inside and outside. These types of doors are significantly much sturdier than the others and are well-equipped to protect the inside.

Security Sliding Doors

If you want to increase the security of your home or place of business, sliding security doors are really the ideal solution. They are normally mounted to the sliding glass door’s rear wall’s outside brickwork. To fit your house or place of business, these types of doors come in a variety of designs, hues, and mesh materials.

Fly Screen Sliding Doors

A strong retractable insect screen called a fly screen might be used with either new or old doors. Along a track, they are horizontally dragged across. When they’re not in use, the screens pull back into the frame. Therefore, it is secure and concealed from view while not in use.

Book an affordable sliding door repair service Perth

If you are having trouble with your sliding door and looking for a Sliding Door Repair solution in Perth, we are here to hear you. WA Building Services is one of the best and most reliable Sliding Door Repairs Perth. With an experienced and qualified team, we offer top-notch services.

We Repair all brands of Sliding Doors and Windows. Whatever the issue, WA Building Services has all the solutions, whether the door won’t glide, lock, or close correctly, or if other issues. So, Book our affordable sliding door repair service Perth.

How to maintain a Sliding Door?

To ensure that your sliding doors operate properly, routine door maintenance is essential. Let’s take a look at what to consider to maintain your sliding door.

Sliding Door Repairs

Cleanse the Track

Sliding patio tracks take a beating from home occupants’ dirty shoes, children’s crumbs, as well as pet hair as they are used frequently. However, they are also subject to blown-in debris and also seasonal temperature fluctuation. Every month, we advise cleansing the rollers as well as the tracks.

To start, remove any loose dust and debris with a vacuum. Wipe away filth with a warm, soapy water agent. Use a knife slowly and carefully to clean crevices and difficult-to-reach areas. An old toothbrush works wonders for removing fine debris from confined locations.

Clean the Closet

The closet helps the doors move over rollers that are arranged in tracks just at the top jamb as well as the floor. This arrangement allows the doors to slide past one another without hitting the other door. Sliding doors only provide access to half the breadth of the entrance at a time since they don’t fold out as sliding doors do.

Use a hand cleaner, a hard brush, or a toothbrush to remove dust from the closet to clean as well as lubricate the components. All the rollers should be lubricated using aerosol lubrication. Install new rollers or replace damaged ones if necessary.

Clean the Glass

Cleaning the glass of your Sliding door is another crucial thing you should do to maintain your door. When cleansing the door, you don’t need to go all out. Paper towels and some basic glass cleanser will do the task just fine. You can reduce the accumulation of junk in the frame and also tracks it by routinely cleaning the glass. By doing this once every two weeks, you may prevent substantial dust buildup on your opulent door.

Clean handles and frame

Cleaning handles and frame is another consideration in maintaining a Sliding Door. They need to be cleaned periodically to get rid of numerous bacteria, viruses, as well as other diseases in addition to dirt and grime. The handle and frame of a glass door don’t require any special cleaning solutions, sanitizers, or disinfectants to be cleaned.

All you need is some soapy water and a gentle cloth. You can also add additional spray oil to the warm water and detergent for improved cleaning effectiveness. The frame’s edges must be well-cleaned because they frequently come into contact with objects.

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